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About Laughing YaffLe

Hello Laughing Yaffle – Who are you?

Laughing Yaffle is run by Alison Hamnett. Hello, that’s me! I’ve been dyeing yarn and selling online since 2008, and recently started selling on Etsy. I’m totally addicted to knitting socks, and the yarns I dye are mostly sock weight. Nothing at all to do with enhancing my own stash, I swear!

I can’t keep my fingers out of many other crafty pies so I dye and card fibre and also sew project bags. You can buy all these lovely things I make in my Etsy shop.

When I’m not dyeing or sewing, I’m also mum to a 4 year old and a small, yappy doggie! You can see the things we get up to on Instagram.  I live in the Somerset countryside, which inspired my shop name. A Yaffle is another name for a green woodpecker, a colourful UK bird found in the gardens out here, which seems to laugh when it calls 🙂


A yaffle in our back garden. They ‘laugh’ when they’re calling out, and as laughter, yarn, and nature are the things that keep me going, the name seemed to fit…!

Laughing Yaffle Yarn close-up


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Laughing Yaffle Project Bag

project bags

Presenting the latest Laughing Yaffle line – project bags!

Laughing Yaffle Spinning Fibre


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Laughing Yaffle Knitted example


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